Latest work with Claudia Paz Design Studio – video online!

As I contribute ‘remotely’ to these projects, it’s always a joy to see a new video of the work I do with Claudia Paz, César Castro and Chris Plant – and this time is no exception. A beautiful installation set on the edge of the Peruvian jungle, informed by the culture, imagery and sounds of the local people, and the Shipibo ‘cosmovision’. Sometimes I love my job 🙂

Wintery update!

Wow, it’s been a busy few months – hence the lack of posts on here – but I think it’s fair to say summer is now officially over! So there’s plenty to catch up on, and a couple of things that I particularly want to highlight, but I’ll start off with the very exciting news that there is a brand new 7shades album just released. Over a year in […]

Unearthed – a live set curio from 2002!

One of the last (and arguably the best) live sets I ever did as Sir Real, again featuring the inimitable Keith York on electronic drums, and myself on desk and hardware and acoustic drums. Keith’s drums are high in the mix on this, which gives it a much more live feel. Features some tracks written specifically for this set, and some crazy mixes of other, more well-known, material. Plus […]

Yet another award for ‘Pixel Flow’!

Very happy to announce that ‘Pixel Flow’ has won another award, this time 3rd place in the ‘Best light art scheme – high budget’ category in the prestigious DARC awards. All musical composition and sound design for this wonderful installation was done by myself for Future Sound Design. You can have a look at why this project keeps winning awards here, all the sounds & music you here are […]

We won another award!

Happy to say that the fantastic group of people I work with has just won another award, this time from the IES, for our recent ‘Pixel Flow’ project. Really satisfying to be part of such a successful and inspiring team 🙂 See post below for a lovely video of the award-winning installation…

Sneak 7shades preview…

A sneaky (and possibly not entirely representative) peak of the upcoming 7shades album, to be released early 2016. This isn’t even finished yet, but I thought it had a kinda christmassy vibe, and I also think it already sounds nice, so I made some kind of video for it and here it is for your delectation. 7shades would like to extend their warmest and squelchiest love, and thanks beyond […]

‘Pixel Flow’ complete – here’s a lovely video!

‘Pixel Flow’ – the latest project from Claudia Paz Lighting Studio – is now complete and looking magnificent! It is installed in a public park in Lima, Peru. All the music and interactive sound design is by my good self, I’m really happy with the way it’s worked out – and I think the installation itself looks really beautiful. Around this time of year especially there is something truly heartening about […]